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<b>How the BigTec Proposition Touches Us All</b>

How the BigTec Proposition Touches Us All

BigTec is the datacentre transformation VAD that just opened its thirteenth global office in Sydney, Australia. ‘Datacentre transformation’ neatly sums up its global proposition, but often requires a little explaining – especially if terms such as virtualisation and cloud are still a little mysterious to you, or labels like software-defined, hyperconverged and web-scale potentially alien.

So here’s another way of understanding what it is, and why it represents such a fantastic range of new revenue opportunities for enterprise IT resellers…

When did you last download a smartphone app? Quick and easy, right? You do it all the time. Two jabs of a thumb and you had to wait a few seconds or a minute at most.

Those apps depend on server infrastructure somewhere in the cloud. But do you care what OS or disk it runs on? Does anyone? Or how about the network that delivers the traffic? Are you interested in who the server hardware manufacturer is?

No you don’t, unless you are very, very sad indeed. In fact, there is no one who cares about any of that; no one sitting in awe at the achievements of modern digital technology.

All that matters to users is that it’s quick, easy and it just works.

This is the reality facing IT managers and CIOs today. Nobody cares how hard it is, least of all users. User expectations have changed based on their mobile and tablet experience and they don’t give a damn what it takes to achieve the same simplicity and speed.

If the IT department can’t deliver, the line of business manager will take their budget elsewhere and buy software as a service. SaaS providers won’t complain about their issues.

To stay relevant, the modern IT department needs to make big changes to how it defines, develops, delivers and maintains applications for its organisation. To optimise delivery and budget, they need to deliver any application and any workload on any infrastructure (private or public) at any time in any place. But not at any cost…

And that is all ‘cloud’ really is – the ability to run the application you need wherever and whenever you need it, scaling up and down in step with demand, dealing with faults at any level automatically and seamlessly. But ‘doing’ cloud gets very complex, very quickly. It needs to be automated. It needs to be orchestrated.

Make no mistake - every organisation is trying to leverage cloud. Researchers at IDC predict at least half of IT expenditure will be cloud based by 2018, reaching 60% of all IT infrastructure and 60–70% of all software, services and technology spending by 2020. By then, Gartner expects the global cloud market to be worth nearly $200bn.

This gives rise to a huge practical challenge: with so many vendors and so many products fighting for attention, how can a CIO make sense of all of the options? How can the trusted IT partner who advises them? What is the final picture, and which pieces work together to form the agile, adaptable, scalable and reliable infrastructure layers it needs? How can you minimise risk to the business?

And this – ladies and gentlemen - is what drives BigTec.

Our reseller partners can approach customers with confidence that a working, reliable and scalable approach to this problem is not only available but de-risked too. Our solutions provide all of the core infrastructure elements necessary to allow the development, deployment and maintenance of applications on any infrastructure with automation and orchestration at its core.

The traditional concept of the datacentre has been shattered into a hybrid mix of on-premise hardware, multi-cloud services and virtual network functions. Even though organisations accept that these new technologies unlock huge opportunity, their limited time and resources are under such pressure to provide operational service that they cannot stretch to adequately investigate, test or implement them.

BigTec helps partners take full advantage of the datacentre transformation opportunity.

Our best-of-breed solution portfolio is drawn from the world’s most innovative and disruptive datacentre transformation vendors. This delivers enhanced agility, enabling organisations to respond more effectively to their evolving needs.

Using these solutions creates the perfect foundation upon which a dynamic web-scale application superstructure can be built, and future demands anticipated. Together they address the necessities of dynamic scaling, orchestration and management within a next generation software-defined datacentre (SDDC). Furthermore, they support the adoption of scalable virtual network functions (e.g. DNS, DHCP, firewalls, application load balancers, other security functions, WAN accelerators etc.) whenever and wherever they’re needed.

In the race to deliver a secure, dynamic, and automated IT environment, organisations must orchestrate vital IT functions and workloads with radically improved efficiency, and gain optimum control across the multiple layers of a next generation datacentre environment. Only then can they benefit from new web-scale economics - think Facebook, Twitter and Google and the innovative architectural principles that made them possible.

But the only way to get there is to start caring about the underlying technology – the same underlying technology that today’s users believe is irrelevant and invisible.

So far the speed of evolution has been relentless. Successive waves of innovation continue to disrupt how infrastructures are built and managed, how financial and resource budgets cope with extreme scale, and how the value of data is protected and exploited.

Are you ready to take your datacentre transformation opportunity?

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