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Web-scale Software-Defined Datacentre (SDDC)

<b>Dynamic. Agile. Automated. Simple.</b>

Dynamic. Agile. Automated. Simple.

Web-Scale Software-Defined Datacentre (SDDC)

People expect the applications they use for work to be as responsive, simple, scalable and up-to-date as the personal apps on their phone or tablet.

Organisations want their private cloud datacentre to support a scalable, dynamic software environment delivering applications at speed, in the way users want them.

Realising the vision of a hybrid, software-defined datacentre (SDDC) creates the perfect foundation for meeting dynamic, web-scale application demands.

Using BigTec’s solution ecosystem, partners can deliver the appropriate agile infrastructure and cloud functions – automated, intelligent, orchestrated and ready to go.

These solutions address customer demands for performance, agility, data governance and more. Specifically:

• Hyperconverged Infrastructure

• Application Performance Monitoring

• Security Segmentation

• Dynamic Application Delivery Control & Balancing

• Software-Defined WAN & Datacentre Networking

• Dynamic Data Management

• System Orchestration

Why You Should Partner With BigTec

Help us make sense of the noise and truly introduce bleeding-edge technologies to your Customers. There are three BIG reasons to work with us:

Big Service

BigTec is a division of Exclusive Networks - the leading Specialist VAD in ANZ - so you are guaranteed the best service in the industry.

Big People

BigTec's dedicated Team is loaded with relevant industry expertise and experience, ensuring access to the best knowledge and consultative advice.

Big Solutions

With a unique Solution Stack and demonstrable Reference Architecture, BigTec offers the industry's best approach to Data Centre Transformation.

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BigTec makes sense of the white noise surrounding SDDC, SDN, Hyper Convergence and Virtualisation. We can help transform your Customer's Data Centres - One Block At A Time.

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